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The Revolutionary Oura Ring

Recent technological advancements have led to the invention of state of the art medical equipment that have so much applications. One of the recent innovations is the Oura ring that has the capabilities of monitoring the condition of the body through a sophisticated mechanism. The ring can fit on any finger and measures the waveform of a pulse which is the precise time between individual heartbeats. This information can then be used to gauge certain crucial health parameters such as sleep, the rate of respiration, heartbeat, the body fat level etc.

The Oura ring is made up of leading edge a non-metallic sensors that enables it to work with an unparalleled precision and remain safe for the body. The inside of the ring is made up of a medical grade plastic compound that does not pose any health risk to individuals with allergic reactions. The three bumps on the inside are sensors that take in crucial information of the arteries that pass beneath the finger with an accuracy that is unmatched.

Uses of the Oura ring

The Oura Ring works like the hospital oximeter to collect crucial data that can be used to determine the state of the body. Apart from determining the heart rate, the device performs a range of functions that will go a long way towards ensuring that we adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Monitor sleep stages

When we sleep, a lot of activities unconsciously happen within the body that we have very little knowledge about. These activities include the little disturbances that we have while we are soundly asleep and the level of heart beat during sleep. The Oura Ring calculates the various stages in our sleep such as the time it takes for one to doze off as well as the average time we spend sleeping. These measurements are used to gauge the quality of our sleep and also provide the necessary measures one can take to achieve optimum sleep.

Consequently, the different sleep scores provided by Oura each night can be used to adjust our sleeping trends which will then lead to better lifestyle choices. For example, there are certain days that you could spent more time working or performing rigorous physical activities, Oura will recommend you to sleep more during these days to restore the necessary energy.

Monitor brain activities during sleep

The brain is certainly a vital organ in our body. The Oura ring has certain mechanisms that monitor how our brain functions during the night. Many people are of the opinion that the brain usually rests during sleep; however, this belief isn’t entirely true. Certain activities usually rely on the brain such as the rate of heartbeat and therefore, the Oura Ring will provide vital signals about the state of the brain that come in handy for a healthy life.

People who usually use various brain supplements will often discover a lot about the effects the nootropics have on the state of their brains. The Oura Ring is normally configured with an iOS and Android application that provide precise analysis about the working of the brain and also give the necessary recommendations about the proper healthy steps.

Determine the body temperature

The Oura Ring sensor can seamlessly work as a temperature receptors to determine the body temperature. While other sleep trackers only give information about sleep, Oura Ring goes farther to provide accurate information about body temperature. Certain diseases like flu and pneumonia usually manifest in the form of fever and with the use of cutting edge tools like Oura, one is better placed to detect the presence of such diseases from the onset. Beyond that, it can also help detect how useful nootropics and smart drugs are. Some people even use it to test whether Qualia is working.

Helps to burn body fat

The Oura Ring has a calorimeter that effectively measures the fat level in our body. Having a device that will help us lower the fat level in our body can prove to be quite handy, especially for people that have bad eating habits. Based on the data collected, the Oura Ring can give effective recommendations on the exercise routines that will help us live a healthy life.

All in all, the Oura ring is a revolutionary device that has vast medical applications that will benefit every kind of person. As a matter of fact, this ring is easy to use and can help us avoid certain medical complications like heart related diseases.